Education Week Open Night

Education Week Open Night

Wow what a night!  Not only did our parents have the opportunity to complete fun and engaging activities related to “The Arts” with their children, the courtyard was packed with families to watch both our Junior & Senior Choirs perform.

All songs were sang beautifully and a lovely night of celebrating The Arts and Ruskin Park was had by all.

Well done to the Ruskin Park Primary School community!



Exciting News- Canteen orders on Wednesdays

Exciting News- Canteen orders on Wednesdays

It is with great pleasure that we are able to let families know that the canteen will begin taking lunch orders on Wednesdays from next week (Wednesday 30th May).

Please find an attached menu in the About Us section under Canteen.

The menu looks wonderful!

2019 Foundation Transition Schedule

2019 Foundation Transition Schedule

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we share our Kindergarten to Foundation transition schedule for 2019 with the Ruskin Park and broader community. There has been great interest to date with many school tours, a successful Foundation information night and also a wonderful Education Week open night being held.

Next up is the first transition session on Tuesday 15th of June from 9:15-10:15 which is a meet and greet session where prospective children and parents have the opportunity to see the Foundation classrooms in action.

Just today I have witnessed some sensation Foundation writing which left me astounded that students are writing at the level they are at this point of the year!

Feel free to contact the school to book a Wednesday morning tour or for a time convenient to you.

Foundation Zoo Excursion

Foundation Zoo Excursion

On Monday 21st of May, the Foundation classes braved the elements and embarked on their first excursion. Despite the weather, a lovely time was had by all as evidenced by the recounts of the students themselves:

I loved it when we saw the animals. The spider monkeys were my favourite because they climb everywhere. Jake FT

My favourite part was when I saw the tigers because they’re big and scary and because they are cats. They eat meat because they are carnivores. Grace FT

I loved the butterflies because they are pretty. I felt something on my head. I think it was a butterfly. Michaela FH

We went to the butterfly house and a butterfly landed on Lily’s arm. My favourite animals were the butterflies because they have pretty wings and different kinds of wings. Mackenzie FH

I loved that we got to see the tigers because I love them and orange, white and black are my favourite colours. I liked the penguins because they have my favourite colours as well and they swim. I like swimming and they like the cold and I like the cold as well. Ronak FB

I loved when I saw one of the meerkats guarding and looking out for danger. They have all of my favourite colours. I also liked the butterflies because one landed on my head. Jax FB

F skulls F zoo



On Sunday April 22, the Senior Choir met with the choir from Croydon Primary School to sing for the ANZAC Day Service held by the Croydon RSL. The service began with the War Veterans marching down Civic Square. They had jeeps to ride in, and there was even a bagpipe band and light cavalry horseman leading the way. These kinds of services are always very formal, with lots of speeches. The choir sat quietly, stood when asked to and were very respectful towards all that had to be presented on the day.

Wreaths were laid, first by our School Captain, Chloe M and Green House Captain, Grace S, for our Federal Member of Parliament, Tony Smith. Later, our two Senior Choir Leaders, Phoebe J and Emma R laid the school’s wreath. They did this beautifully, with full ceremony and the deepest respect.

After the laying of the wreaths the choir finally stood to sing in front of the Veterans, their families and friends. There were at least 200 people in the audience.

 We had a few surprises – such as the order of our songs swapped – so the choir ended up singing The Spirit of the ANZACS first and then In Flanders Fields. As usual, they performed with great focus and determination, taking everything in their stride. Although they did not have a rehearsal this time with the Croydon PS Choir, everyone sang really well. There was great acknowledgment at the end of each song.

 Thank you to all the choir families who managed to get there.

 We followed up with a lovely and respectful ANZAC Day assembly at school where Sam from the Croydon RSL spoke to the students about his experiences and what the day means to him. The students learnt a lot and were extremely respectful.