On Monday 21st of May, the Foundation classes braved the elements and embarked on their first excursion. Despite the weather, a lovely time was had by all as evidenced by the recounts of the students themselves:

I loved it when we saw the animals. The spider monkeys were my favourite because they climb everywhere. Jake FT

My favourite part was when I saw the tigers because they’re big and scary and because they are cats. They eat meat because they are carnivores. Grace FT

I loved the butterflies because they are pretty. I felt something on my head. I think it was a butterfly. Michaela FH

We went to the butterfly house and a butterfly landed on Lily’s arm. My favourite animals were the butterflies because they have pretty wings and different kinds of wings. Mackenzie FH

I loved that we got to see the tigers because I love them and orange, white and black are my favourite colours. I liked the penguins because they have my favourite colours as well and they swim. I like swimming and they like the cold and I like the cold as well. Ronak FB

I loved when I saw one of the meerkats guarding and looking out for danger. They have all of my favourite colours. I also liked the butterflies because one landed on my head. Jax FB

F skulls F zoo