Junior Choir Performance

Junior Choir Performance

Whilst many eyes today would have been on our Foundation students celebrating their first 100 days at school, our Junior Choir gave their first performance to the school at Assembly. Their renditions of Yellow Submarine and Oh Mr Sun brought huge smiles to the audience and the students certainly did themselves and Miss Lim proud.

Well done Junior Choir.  We are looking forward to many more performances!

Foundation VIP’s

Foundation VIP’s

One of the fantastic elements of our students’ first year at school is the Foundation VIP of the week. Over the second half of the year each child has a week which is all about them. One of the big focuses is students developing their speaking and listening skills where they teach their peers about them. They have different tasks for the week ahead where they present and are asked questions by their peers.

The week moves as follows:

Monday: Timeline of their life so far through a story board

Tuesday: A show bag of up to 5 of their favourite things

Wednesday: Their autobiography

Thursday: Teach the class a new skill or show a special talent

Friday: Decorate the title page for your VIP letters and write about the experience of being the VIP.

At the end of the week classmates write a letter to the VIP. All of the students’ letters are bound into a book for the VIP to take home and keep forever.  Watching them present and seeing the glowing smiles on their faces and the interactions between them and their class mates really does warm your heart!

Here are three of our four first VIP’s for 2022.


Exciting times in Term 2!

Exciting times in Term 2!

We have had a wonderful beginning to Term 2 so far. Our Foundation and Year 5/6 students have come together for Buddies and PMP has also begun for our Foundation students.

We have a large number of events happening this term which we can’t wait for including our first ever whole school athletics day this Friday, excursions to the Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, Superspeak and Family Life.

As well, we have Subway and Sushi lunches, district cross country and ICAS.

On Wednesday we are holding our 2023 Foundation Information Night for prospective Foundation parents in the Foundation area at 7pm.

Also, we are almost ready for the slab for our new double story building to be laid. We can’t wait for it to be ready for 2023.

What a term!

Lots of Celebrations

Lots of Celebrations

Well after what has been a rather tough year, since coming back onsite we have tried to provide our students with as many opportunities as we could in a COVID safe way. We have held incursions, excursions, a camp and a sleepover amongst other events. In the last two weeks alone we have had our whole school Christmas Concert with BYO dinner and over 500 people in attendance, our Year 6 Graduation where we were able to bring everyone together to celebrate the 7 years of these students primary schooling and Foundation Graduation saw not only the Foundation students talk about their achievements and dreams, but also saw their buddies come up with them to receive their certificate before having a picnic with their buddy and their buddy’s family. Today, as well as it being class party day, we held our staff versus students netball and football matches. Whilst there was some conjecture regarding who won the relay early in the year (It really was the students), today the teachers ran out winners.

We would like to thank our wonderful community of students, parents and teachers for all of their hard work not only since we have come back but over the whole year. We are seriously lucky for each other and extremely thankful for you all.

Have a merry and safe Christmas!


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Last Thursday on the 11th day of the 11th month, we were once again fortunate to be able to participate in the Croydon RSL’s Remembrance Day service. As well as having the opportunity to lay a wreath, our Senior Choir sang the song ‘I Am Australian.’

We feel privileged and honoured to have had this opportunity.


Year 6 Jacket Orders

Year 6 Jacket Orders

Hi Year 5 Students and Parents.

Just a reminder that we need to have your Jacket Orders returned to school as soon as possible so we are able to place the order. This is so you can have your new jacket before you start in Year 6 next year.

Please send your order forms to the school email address as soon as possible.


Make sure that you include your credit card details so we are able to process your payment.  Thank you.