Parent eSmart Workshop and Award Winning Film

Parent eSmart Workshop and Award Winning Film

As a part of our continued commitment to safety online, we are holding an eSmart parent workshop run by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation at school on Monday 28th of October at 7pm. Please keep your eyes out on Compass for the notice as we would love to have as many of our parents & caregivers as possible!

While you are here, check out our students film titled The Adventures of Binman & LItterlady which won the Maroondah Council’s competition earlier this year. It can be found at

Once again we are proud of our Film Club and the skills they have developed.


100 Days of Awesomeness!

100 Days of Awesomeness!

Last week our youngest current school members celebrated their first 100 days at school. As well as a huge round of applause from the whole school as they came in for assembly, they sang their 100 days of school song and celebrated by dressing up for the occasion. Once they were back in their classes, they worked and celebrated with their buddies and completed numerous activities centred around the number 100. As a school community we are very proud of what they have achieved to date and we look forward to their next 100 days and beyond!

Celebration of the Performing Arts

Celebration of the Performing Arts

This morning we have been left stunned but not surprised by the amazing talents of our student’s across a wide variety of curriculum areas which were presented through the performing arts field. From a Maroondah Council award winning video to “Personal Best” achievements in Japanese and our Maths achievements also displayed through video, we were able to celebrate our student’s hard work and efforts across the term. To top it off we had a high quality performance of three songs by our school rock band. Upon walking out of the gym after the performance, Charlotte in 1D commented “The band are so good and they get better every time!”

As Miss Doensen said “Today was a great way to finish off the term, pretty much run by the students. Their confidence was great to see with students from across the school speaking and presenting to their peers and the greater audience; showcasing the film making skills and positive vibe of our school.”

Staff v Students Football Match

Staff v Students Football Match

Having challenged staff to a football match, the Year 6’s excitedly got their wish with lunchtime on Tuesday being the day. Although a bit slippery due to the recent rain, the sun was shining and the friendly banter was flowing.

Over the course of the game, all players were respectful and the teamwork was first class. The player numbers per team was certainly lobsided with there being 8 staff members and more than 30 Grade 6s on the field.

At the end of lunch, the winning team was dependant on who you spoke to and there may have been a little creative rule making from the staff at times which all students took well.

Apparently the final score was 59-53 the students way but either way, lots of fun was had by all.

Team Kids Holiday Program

Please find the following information for families regarding our new holiday care provider Team Kids. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with them to provide quality care for our students over the holidays!


TeamKids School Holiday Program Available Here!

TeamKids holiday programs are conveniently located here at your school, with extended hours to help families juggle work and home.

Truth be told, TeamKids started out being Holiday Program specialists – so get set for an action packed adventure your children are sure to enjoy!

During the school holidays, our focus is on FUN. Our programming team work with the school, parents and children to build the best possible program for your community, including a broad range of exciting experiences that include incursions, excursions and in-house activities that will ensure your child has an absolute blast every day. Programs may include activities like cooking, bubble soccer, trampoline parks, epic excursions, super sports days, giant laser tag, art attack, coding, construction, maker days, STEM days, robotics and so much more.

The Fun Squad is poised and waiting, so don’t delay, book into our holiday program today.

To find out more, register or book, click here



Grade 6 Canberra Camp

Grade 6 Canberra Camp

Last week our Grade 6’s embarked on their week long expedition to Canberra.  We thank all students for their immaculate behaviour which was regularly commented on by the public. We also thank Mr Coffin, Miss Marshall, Mrs Beach and Mr Moore for readily giving up their time to accompany the students.  Here are a few words from the students themselves:

On Monday the 25th of March we went to Canberra for Grade Six Camp. In the morning  we were a bit nervous about being away from home, but our fears passed pretty quickly as we were on the road to one of the most memorable trips of our lives. The highlights were Parliament House, Questacon, A.I.S, the Royal Australian Mint, the Australian War Memorial, Telstra Tower and the High Court.

One of the reasons we enjoyed Parliament House is because we got to see the Senate and House of Representatives rooms which we’ve been learning about in our Democracy unit. At the end of our time in Parliament House, we got to do a mini role play about turning a bill into an act of law in House of Representatives.

We had the best time in Canberra and learned so much. We made many memories and will never forget this trip!

By Miriam and Maddy

Congratulations Grade 6’s. You did us proud!