At Ruskin we have a real belief in the power of Growth Mindset and its benefits; not only in academic outcomes but to a child’s social and emotional wellbeing and sense of self. You will hear it everywhere across the school about us not being able to do something…yet!

On Friday at Assembly, I had four volunteers begin to learn to juggle, which is a skill that they can’t do… yet. Mr Moore, Miss Kelly, Ryder, and Ashley came up in front of the other students and teachers and began to learn how to juggle, being explicitly taught how to do so. Now, juggling isn’t the easiest skill to learn but over the next couple of months, with a lot of practice, we are going to look to see our improvement from this practice and I know that all will have a growth mindset while doing so! One of the student’s families is learning together so that they all learn a new skill. How fantastic is that!

The support and cheering from the other students and teachers was tremendous and many commented on how well everyone did and that they are looking forward to seeing the results next term.