One of the fantastic elements of our students’ first year at school is the Foundation VIP of the week. Over the second half of the year each child has a week which is all about them. One of the big focuses is students developing their speaking and listening skills where they teach their peers about them. They have different tasks for the week ahead where they present and are asked questions by their peers.

The week moves as follows:

Monday: Timeline of their life so far through a story board

Tuesday: A show bag of up to 5 of their favourite things

Wednesday: Their autobiography

Thursday: Teach the class a new skill or show a special talent

Friday: Decorate the title page for your VIP letters and write about the experience of being the VIP.

At the end of the week classmates write a letter to the VIP. All of the students’ letters are bound into a book for the VIP to take home and keep forever.  Watching them present and seeing the glowing smiles on their faces and the interactions between them and their class mates really does warm your heart!

Here are three of our four first VIP’s for 2022.