Well after what has been a rather tough year, since coming back onsite we have tried to provide our students with as many opportunities as we could in a COVID safe way. We have held incursions, excursions, a camp and a sleepover amongst other events. In the last two weeks alone we have had our whole school Christmas Concert with BYO dinner and over 500 people in attendance, our Year 6 Graduation where we were able to bring everyone together to celebrate the 7 years of these students primary schooling and Foundation Graduation saw not only the Foundation students talk about their achievements and dreams, but also saw their buddies come up with them to receive their certificate before having a picnic with their buddy and their buddy’s family. Today, as well as it being class party day, we held our staff versus students netball and football matches. Whilst there was some conjecture regarding who won the relay early in the year (It really was the students), today the teachers ran out winners.

We would like to thank our wonderful community of students, parents and teachers for all of their hard work not only since we have come back but over the whole year. We are seriously lucky for each other and extremely thankful for you all.

Have a merry and safe Christmas!