Today marked the announcement of our 2019 school award winners. For all year levels except for Year 6, three awards are given out per level. They are the Academic, Determination and Community Awards. At Year 6, the same awards are given along with the Physical Education, Japanese, Music and Visual Arts awards.

Before presenting the awards, Mr Moore discussed how difficult it was for the teachers to narrow it down to the final winners due to the pure amount of quality candidates across the school. He asked everyone to reflect as the awards were being given on their own year and ask themselves whether they had worked to their best this year. If they could answer yes, he reminded them to be very happy with themselves for their achievements.

Following the awards was the announcement of our school leaders for 2020. There was much excitement for the badge handover from the 2019 badge holders to the incumbents.  We congratulate all of the winners but also give great credit to all students who went out of their comfort zone to put themselves through the rigorous process.