At the end of last term, the culmination of a terms homework on centred around the Year 5/6 integrated unit was displayed for the community to see. An open morning where students presented their work to friends, family and other classes within the school was a successful way to display their learning through a variety of mediums. Digital technology was a stand out with Powerpoints, games and traveling roadshows proving popular.  Below is a summary from Caitlyn in 6P on the task:

This morning the Grade 5/6’s had an exhibition to display the task they completed for their homework which they had been working on all term. This terms topic was Geography. Everyone had to choose a country. The Grade 6s had to choose a non-English speaking country and they couldn’t choose Japan. The Grade 5s could choose any country except for Japan. The country that I chose was India. I made a poster for the first task answering several questions, a board game travelling through some cities for the second task and a slide show about the traditional meal I made and how to say certain sayings in three of India’s most popular languages for the third task. This morning was a very interesting and fun way to see how all of the other people’s work was presented. By Caitlin

We look forward to seeing what wonderful examples of high quality and engaging learning tasks are completed this term!