Today we have had a wonderful celebration of our youngest students reaching their 100th day of school. A wide variety of activities centred around the milestone have occurred and there are incredibly wide smiles on the faces of both students and teachers. The effort of all involved; including the parents with student t-shirts has been amazing as the community has really come together to celebrate!

Here are some of the students comments regarding the day and the year so far:

Cruz  FT- I love that I get to do 100 things. I have loved to learn to count to 200!

Evelyn  FH- I loved making my hat for my first 100 days. Writing is my favourite thing to do because I have three certificates. My favourite word to write is cat.

Blake  FB- I love the number 100 and my nan is 91. I love learning about reading because there are very funny stories.

Parker  FH- I have loved everything about my first 100 days. I loved writing about Possum Magic because we wrote about it two times and it was fun.

Hermoine  FT- I loved making my first 100 days of school crown. I have loved writing, and writing about lions because they have big manes. My favourite word to write is Hermoine.

Emily  FB- We made hats and we got to colour them in. I love learning new numbers in Maths because we can count to 100 because Mrs Beare is helping us.