On the 19th to the 23rd of March us Grade 6’s had the wonderful chance to go to Canberra for camp. The activities were very interesting. The highlights of the camp were having an awesome time at Parliament House where we were able to explore the House of Representatives, act in a role play and the best of all was getting to go into our local member Tony Smith’s office. Another highlight was visiting Questacon where many rooms were filled with interesting Science experiments and facts that we were able to try out. Freefall was a favourite because you would go up to the top of this massive slide and drop from a pole. You felt like you were flying! Our last favourite activity was visiting the High Court where we watched a sitting. They were discussing at topic which was too secret to talk about and is still in progress!

We thank our teachers for being amazing for organising everything and we were blessed they took us in their own time and provided us with so many opportunities. We hope next years Grade 6’s enjoy the trip just as much as we did.

By Savannah and Chloe  6C